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Music Monday - 'Pocket Full of Quarters'

Yeah, I've been playing a lot of Street Fighter III (Or more precisely, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Fight For The Future - Online Edition, because Japanese fighting games should never have easy names!)

Capcom made a smart move by giving us a more hip-hop/jazz inspired soundtrack for this game. At this point, they were certainly succeeding in giving each of their Street Fighter games a distinct and compelling direction musically. Revisiting all these tracks via the PS3 and 360's online edition remake has been an absolute musical paradise. Some of the remixes are pretty great too! That new menu song? Love it.

The Longshoreman
Brazil - Sean & Oro Stage

Beats in my Head
Kenya - Elena Stage

Jazzy NYC '99
America - Ken & Alex Stage

I'm always generally pretty wary when it comes to remixes, but the Online Edition of 3rd Strike includes some of my favourites. Because I absolutely just had to point it out, this is what I have set to my Menu Theme at the moment!

The Longshoreman (Online Edition Remix)
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Music Monday - The City Streets at Night

While listening to music for this post, it occurred to me that a lot of great city themes double as great first stage themes. There must be something about starting a game in a city that makes for a great prologue... Even though I didn't include it here, the intro stage to Star Fox 64 is like this too, isn't it? Hey, even our own Project Blue is going to start in a city at night!

Batman (NES)
Stage 1 Theme - Streets of Desolation

Spawn (SNES)
Stage 1 Theme - Roofs of New York

Mega Man X (SNES)
Intro Stage Theme - Central Highway
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Project Blue Sketchbook - Rival Soldiers, Civvies

Some character and design sketches for Project Blue. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image!

A soldier in his civilian attire.

Another soldier, clad in black.

Early design work for the uniforms worn by a certain group.

I might compile an online sketchbook for all things Project Blue in the form of an updating flash website that will feature music, images, sprite art and screenshots. Well, I say 'might', but it's probably already happening...
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Music Monday - Mega Man OC Remixes

It's no mystery that I a) love the Mega Man series and b) the music of the Mega Man series. Although I'm something of a purist when it comes to the classic soundtrack, the following remixes do a great job of bringing a lot of new character to the classic 8-bit NES tunes.

Remixed from Needle Man's Stage Theme, Mega Man 3

Crystal Potion
Remixed from Gemini Man's Stage Theme, Mega Man 3

Odyssey Beyond the Falls
Remixed from Centaur Man's Stage Theme, Mega Man 6

I really gotta hand it to these guys. Remixing a classic soundtrack is something that I've always lacked the confidence to do. Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll submit a remix for Ring Man's stage, or something from Actraiser! Well, I could always just show it off here instead...

You can always catch more awesome video game soundtrack remixes over at OC Remixes.
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Music Monday - Rhythm Heaven


Love has a cruel sense of fun, never plays by the rules
It spins us both on our heads, turns us both into fools
And leaves me on my own with tear stained eyes
Oh what can I do?

They say that losing at love, breaking your heart
It only makes you look even more beautiful
I don't believe it's true but I see you and what can I do?
Uh uh uh uh-uh!
I wish that we could be close,
Close enough to use our real names for once
And you would say to me " Oh I love you sooo!",
You say you won't let me go
Oh yeah!

Rain falls on me, and now I'm walkin' away
Tell me, do you find me more beautiful now?
I'm not the kind to let you watch as I cry
So I've got to leave, I've got to forget you!
And so I hide myself away from the world
Leave behind the sorrow of a sad little girl
I thought that I had finally won at the game
You told me it just was for fun
I suppose that I was too young.
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Project Blue - OST Preview 'Suiciders'

More music from our Project Blue concept game! This is kind of an unfinished track in that it doesn't loop, but this is an OST preview after all!