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Bijouxred - Sabina

Sabina is a very powerful women with a strong history in King City, As a lieutenant she holds great influence even enough to over throw the gangster lord she serves but her love for him is to strong.
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Study - Speed Painting

A speed painting start to finish 2:30 hours of work cut down to 4 minutes.
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Prototype Combat Tech Animated GIF

Channeled through Ander, the power of the Sun is used to deliver an array of condensed solar rays in the form of an attack. The Level 3 Technique 'Solar Spear' can be used to wear down enemy defenses but is best used on unsuspecting foes who leave their guard down.

As usual, you can read more about Drive and Techniques at the Bijoux Red blog!
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Zelda - Finalization Speed painting.

Found a great program to record myself painting... this one is in the final process but still you get the colorization and as you are watching i put a Song from the FleetFoxes - Grown Ocean. It was possibly the most dominate song while working. When i first started this I was just practicing, saw an inspiring Zelda painting that changed the direction... really wish i started recording from the beginning i am pretty impressed with how i got to this final from viewing previous save files it was a mess!... and the speed painting makes me appear more intelligent haha I stop a lot to think, build reference and figure things out.. WAIT NO! I AM SUPER GENIUS AND PAINT THIS FAST! LIKE A GOD!!!...

hehe hope you enjoy...