30 Days of Video Games Day 7 - Favourite Game Couple

Today we're exploring our favourite game couples through a recorded conversation had by German, Sean and myself (Rene).

Pictured Above: Have you ever searched the phrase Mario and Peach on Google Images?

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Editor's Note: The comment at the beginning of this conversation was made in the context of having recorded two conversations back-to-back that were meant to be posted on the same day. If the same logic applied today, I'd be attempting to update about eight or nine posts all at once. Obviously, that's not gonna happen, hahaha. Let's just pick up where we left off.

R: Okay. So, we are doing two right now - because we did miss two days worth of updates. We're going to do a two-in-one. I just read the topic right now, so nobody's had time to think about it.

The next day was - Favourite Game Couple

So - quick question, do we expand that to include any pairing of characters? Like couples like the Mario Brothers? Obviously, the question is meant to regard romantic couples.

G: I think bromances should be allowed.

R: Bromances should be allowed, you're right. Like Cecil and Kain. That's a memorable 'couple' of characters, and a bromance.

G: That is a good one. But on that note, Cecil and Rosa are my favourite gaming couple.

R: Yeah, they're an awesome couple. I still haven't played The After Years, so I don't know what their kid turned out like.

G: Ehhh. He's alright.

German's Romantic Couple Choice: Cecil and Rosa are a memorable pairing and one of the most believable Final Fantasy couples in my opinion. Their romance is strong and endures the length of the entire story. As a Revolver Games favourite, this probably won't be the last time that Final Fantasy IV is mentioned in our posts.

R: Favourite gaming couple is kind of tough. I'd think the first couple that people think of is Mario and Peach.

G: But are they even a couple?

S: Peach and Bowser are more of a couple.

G: They do spend more time together. She spends more time at his place.

R: I guess I'm kind of a bromantic kind of guy. And there are a lot of good bromances in games.

G: Like the guys from Contra.

Bill and Lance... just a couple of guys havin' fun... fightin' in wars... bein' silly....

R: Yes! I love the guys from Contra. Damn… the more I think about this though, the more my choices become sort of like fan-wishes. Like how Zell and Squall are a cool couple because of how they play off of each other.

G: So they'd be your favourite couple!

R: That's true, that's true.

S: I'd say my favourite couple are Bartz and Boko.

R: I didn't see that one coming.

G: Nice and obscure Sean, thank you.

R: Boko's role kind of gets played down though later on in the game. Doesn't it?

S: Yeah, sadly.

R: I like how in Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa's Dog, Angelo, could come in and help you during battle. And in Final Fantasy VI. What was Shadow's dog's name? Something with an 'R'? Maybe I'm thinking of The Returners, the name of the rebels in that game.

G: Interceptor.

R: Right, Interceptor! Boko should've helped you fight in Final Fantasy V as well.

S: There was a Chocobo summon in that game.

R: Right. But it wasn't Boko.

S: Sadly no.

Sean's Bromantic Choice: Bartz wanders the world with his partner, Boko. Their relationship is definitely strong, although the storytellers probably could've made more use of Boko as a pet-type character.

R: I feel like I can use 'Mega Man' to answer most of these '30 days' things. In this case, I love the relationship between Mega Man and his 'brother' Proto Man. As underplayed as it is, when it's present -

G: And it is underplayed.

R: -right, how Proto Man kind of watches and protects Mega Man, and how Mega Man will get all starry-eyed when it comes to anybody he cares about.

Rene's Bromantic Choice: Mega Man and Proto Man have a relationship built mostly on mutual respect and subtle concern that provides some major story points throughout the series... as underplayed as they may be.

R: Wow, we really took this in a different direction. Let's flip things around and focus just on the romantic couples.

G: I already did mine.

R: Do you want to suggest a bromantic couple?

G: …The [main character of Dragon Age] and Alistair.

R: Bromantic… Yes! Awesome!

G: As bromantic as you wanted it to be!

German's Bromantic Choice: Watch out for that Alistair charm! How quickly can bromance... become romance?

S: Romantic… it shouldn't be that hard… but it is.

R: You know, I've got to keep falling back on the same games. The games that mean a lot to me, mean a lot to me for a lot of reasons. The romance between Zidane and Garnet is so well-timed and well-paced and grows so compellingly throughout the whole story, all the way through the ending - and then ends beautifully. Tears. Seriously. But no spoilers.

Rene's Romantic Choice: The romance between Zidane and Garnet is easily my favourite love story told in a video game.

S: There's one on the tip of my tongue… older game, PS1…

R: Was it that one game? That RPG I was watching you play where you date girls and they make you stronger?

S: Thousand Arms. That is the one. It was very odd and quirky little RPG. A kind of RPG/Dating Sim. The powers you get depending on the girls' affection towards you can be infused in your weapon. There were areas in town where you could take them on dates and increase their affections.

R: So your favourite gaming couple was in Thousand Arms?

S: Yeah. It was interesting that the romance had a bearing on the game.

Sean's Romantic Choice: Sean's ideal romance involves having a large number of women to choose from... and then making them forge weapons of war for him. Sean, where are you priorities exactly?

R: It's neat that Sean mentions Thousand Arms, because I was actually thinking that if this question were asked in Japan, where there are a lot more dating sim games available, you'd get very different answers. I imagine that a lot of people with that different experience would choose characters from dating sims where the focus of the game is actually the romance between the player and a character.

G: Well the majority of those games focus on the relationship between the player and the character, and not necessarily a character and a character.

Post Conversation Input

Mike's Bromantic Choice: The most powerful pairing in the world of the future, X and Zero from the Mega Man X series. These two really do go through a lot together. A great bromance if ever there was one.

Mike's Romantic Choice: According to Mike, he can't choose a favourite romantic pairing because he would be too jealous of the male character in that scenario. I have an idea who he's referring to.


Dice | May 31, 2011 at 10:28 PM

Fact: Peach doesn't put out. Zelda does. Now you know.

Rene | May 31, 2011 at 10:36 PM

Hahaha, is that so!? Sounds like the voice of experience!

Riot Knight | June 1, 2011 at 8:53 AM

Yeah, no one mentioned Link and Zelda.

Rene | June 1, 2011 at 9:03 AM

I like Link and Zelda in the same way I like Mario and Luigi, hahaha, but they need Ganondorf to get along, don't they? Do they EVER hang out when Hyrule ISN'T in crisis? Don't you dare mention the Minish Cap to me, I accept only mainline Zelda citation. ;)

Anyway, there are other couplings in Zelda games that I like more than Link and Zelda - like Link and Ilia (LoZ:TP). Or, Link and Saria (LoZ:OOT)! Does Link and Tetra (LoZ:WW) count as a non-Zelda pairing?

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